An example of resume friendliness

I was driving down the road in my neighborhood the other day, when something happened that was a great example of resume wisdom. It has to do with how being friendly makes you attractive.

As I went to pick up my son, I met a white car coming in the other direction. I waved. I didn’t know the folks, but I waved anyway.

It’s a habit I picked up when I was younger. We lived in a rural county that was home to some of the friendliest people on earth. When you drove down a road there, you could count on getting waves from nearly everyone you met.

After a while, I started waving, too. Didn’t know the people. Didn’t matter. I waved.

So the other day I waved at the people in the white car. As we got closer together, I saw the man at the wheel as he tried to figure out who was waving it at him. He didn’t recognize me, and he didn’t wave.

Since then, I started noticing that not many people wave around here. Kind of aggravated me at first. Why not wave? What harm is going to do? Are they afraid I’m some kind of serial killer who chooses his next victim by seeing who waves back at him?

Then, I made a decision. I decided that I’m going to wave whether they wave back or not.

After all, those folks in that rural county kept waving at me until I started waving back. Someone’s got the start the waving trend around here, right?

In a way, that’s how you have to think of your resume. When you are looking for a job, you have to sort of keep waving it at people until they wave back. It’s one part friendliness, two parts persistence.

By writing effective resumes, you’re making your wave more attractive to potential employers. They’ll know you without having to see your face.

Using a good resume writing system will help you land interviews that lead to job offers. Your job search will end with the title you want in a position you love.

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