How To Make Resume Blunders Go Away

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Don't think of your potential employer like this.

Many people spend way too much time concerned about how to make resume blunders go away. Instead, why don’t you spend time making sure your resume represents you well?

The resume’s job is to get you an interview. That document probably will be the best chance you have to get your foot in the door of a potential employer. There are multiple ways to make your resume better, but let’s focus on getting started.

Before you start thinking about how to prepare a resume, consider the final outcome. As the old saying goes, “Begin with the end in mind.”

So, think about who will be reading your resume. The people who will be looking at it are the ones you want to work for and work with.

Too often, job-hunters tend to think about the potential employer as some type of boogey-man. They worry that the resume reader will be a career killer instead of occupation enhancer. This can doom your chances, even if you have the top resume writing system available.

That is exactly the wrong attitude. Instead of fearing the employer, think of him or her as your friend.

When you take that perspective, your job search immediately changes. You’ll start focusing on how to make resume changes that will attract employment instead of repelling it, and writing effective resumes becomes much easier.

Think of your resume as how your best friend would describe your best traits. Your top qualities will come shining through. The characteristics that will get you a job will appear.

Don’t focus on how to make resume mistakes disappear. Instead build a resume that is reader friendly.

You might even want to call a few of your closest friends and ask them for their perspective on your best skills, abilities and talents. Chances are those are the qualities you should emphasize.

This strategy has the added benefit of making your job hunt easier in its later stages. When you call attention to your best traits on your resume, you will naturally highlight them even more during an interview.

Moreover, this perspective will keep you from ever worrying about how to make resume blunders go away.

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