How To Make Resume Blunders Go Away

how to make resume

Don't think of your potential employer like this.

Many people spend way too much time concerned about how to make resume blunders go away. Instead, why don’t you spend time making sure your resume represents you well?

The resume’s job is to get you an interview. That document probably will be the best chance you have to get your foot in the door of a potential employer. There are multiple ways to make your resume better, but let’s focus on getting started.

Before you start thinking about how to prepare a resume, consider the final outcome. As the old saying goes, “Begin with the end in mind.”

So, think about who will be reading your resume. The people who will be looking at it are the ones you want to work for and work with.

Too often, job-hunters tend to think about the potential employer as some type of boogey-man. They worry that the resume reader will be a career killer instead of occupation enhancer. This can doom your chances, even if you have the top resume writing system available.

That is exactly the wrong attitude. Instead of fearing the employer, think of him or her as your friend.

When you take that perspective, your job search immediately changes. You’ll start focusing on how to make resume changes that will attract employment instead of repelling it, and writing effective resumes becomes much easier.

Think of your resume as how your best friend would describe your best traits. Your top qualities will come shining through. The characteristics that will get you a job will appear.

Don’t focus on how to make resume mistakes disappear. Instead build a resume that is reader friendly.

You might even want to call a few of your closest friends and ask them for their perspective on your best skills, abilities and talents. Chances are those are the qualities you should emphasize.

This strategy has the added benefit of making your job hunt easier in its later stages. When you call attention to your best traits on your resume, you will naturally highlight them even more during an interview.

Moreover, this perspective will keep you from ever worrying about how to make resume blunders go away.

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An example of resume friendliness

I was driving down the road in my neighborhood the other day, when something happened that was a great example of resume wisdom. It has to do with how being friendly makes you attractive.

As I went to pick up my son, I met a white car coming in the other direction. I waved. I didn’t know the folks, but I waved anyway.

It’s a habit I picked up when I was younger. We lived in a rural county that was home to some of the friendliest people on earth. When you drove down a road there, you could count on getting waves from nearly everyone you met.

After a while, I started waving, too. Didn’t know the people. Didn’t matter. I waved.

So the other day I waved at the people in the white car. As we got closer together, I saw the man at the wheel as he tried to figure out who was waving it at him. He didn’t recognize me, and he didn’t wave.

Since then, I started noticing that not many people wave around here. Kind of aggravated me at first. Why not wave? What harm is going to do? Are they afraid I’m some kind of serial killer who chooses his next victim by seeing who waves back at him?

Then, I made a decision. I decided that I’m going to wave whether they wave back or not.

After all, those folks in that rural county kept waving at me until I started waving back. Someone’s got the start the waving trend around here, right?

In a way, that’s how you have to think of your resume. When you are looking for a job, you have to sort of keep waving it at people until they wave back. It’s one part friendliness, two parts persistence.

By writing effective resumes, you’re making your wave more attractive to potential employers. They’ll know you without having to see your face.

Using a good resume writing system will help you land interviews that lead to job offers. Your job search will end with the title you want in a position you love.

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Looking for a job? Persistence is job one

I often drive by a field that was once a Civil War battleground. The other day, that field, which now has a new crop most every season, reminded me of an important lesson if you’re looking for a job.

persistent treeThe field itself looks like most every other field, except it’s got a tree growing right in the middle of it. You wouldn’t think a tree could survive in the middle of a field that’s replanted season after season, but there it sits.

But if you look close, you’ll see how the tree made it. It’s growing out of the side of a ditch that runs through the middle of the field. It started growing sideways, but then turned to the sky.

The farmer, of course, avoids the ditch on his tractor. So the tree avoided getting run over or plowed under in its early years.

I guess the farmer decided that the tree deserved to live, because there it is, right in the middle of the field.

I admire that tree. I think about its persistence every time I see it.

The other day, I thought about how many job-seekers could learn a lesson from that tree. Sometimes you need a resume writing system that can help you find an alternative path to your goal and stick with it until you reach it.

Sometimes looking for a job can leave you feeling like your about to get run over and plowed under. Keep trying until writing effective resumes becomes second nature. Reach for the sky.

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Tips for Writing a Resume — How to Find a Job

These days, a lot of people need to know how to find a job. Many make headway after learning tips for writing a resume.

Writing an effective resume can be the difference between an interview and continuing frustration. Here is the process that nearly every job-hunter goes through to write a resume that gets noticed by potential employers.

First, you have to decide what you want to do. Many job searchers scroll through page after page of online job advertisements without knowing what they would really like to do. Desperation has taken hold, and desperate job seekers seldom get hired.

You should take some time and think about what you do well. Consider the things that you love to do. If you can find a job that comes naturally to you and makes your juices flow, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled.

Second, look for employment that fits those criteria. Dare to consider your dream job. Imagine working in the perfect job. Now you just have to find it.

You’ll want to look at all the usual places: newspaper classifieds, online job boards, and profession-specific listing. But don’t stop there.

Take the extra step of finding a job you’d like to have at a company for which you would like to work, even if there’s not a position that is listed as open. There are several advantages to this strategy.

There might be a job open that they have not advertised. Perhaps, they want to do a low-key search without the hassle of sorting through hundreds or maybe even thousands of resumes.

Even if there is not an open position, you will have introduced yourself to the people who will make the hiring decision next time there is an opening. If you make a good impression, they will think of you then.

If you make a great impression, they might even create a position for you now.

Third, use a strong resume writing system to get all your information together

Don’t just paste your information into a resume template that you grabbed off the web. That strategy might help you put together a quick resume, but don’t count on it helping you get a job interview.

Resume samples won’t get the job done. You need an organized plan with structured principles based on proven strategies and techniques for writing effective resumes.

A worthwhile resume system will include a variety of training. It will teach you how to write cover letters that greatly increases the possibility that your resume gets read.

The objective is to get a position that matches your talents, experience and background. An important part of the process is building a resume that expresses that viewpoint to your prospective employer.

You want a well-written resume that not only emphasizes your strengths, but also highlights the person behind them.

The best tips for writing a resume are the ones that help you get hired. They can be key to learning how to find a job that fits your qualifications.

Click here for more information on how to write an effective resume.

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Resume Writing Help — The Art of Listening

Wooded area near my house

The buzzing/humming was coming from these woods.

The other day I was walking my dog past a wooded area, my mind was lost in thought about the huge number of unemployed or dissatisfied people who need resume writing help.

Then I suddenly noticed a high-pitched sound coming from the forest. I stopped to listen closer. It sounded sort of like humming, but kind of like buzzing. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I finally determined that it must be a swarm of insects.

But as I was listening to the buzz-like hum – or maybe it was more like a hum-like buzz – I started to notice many, varied sounds coming from the forest.

Birds sang.

Crickets chirped.

Leaves rustled.

It was a natural symphony of sound. I had walked down that stretch of road dozens of times and never heard it. Why? I wasn’t listening.

After I stood there for several minutes, I wondered how many other beautiful sounds I miss just because I don’t take the time or effort to listen for them. Then I thought of all the other joyous opportunities I miss because I don’t look for them.

For those who are out of work or seeking a new career, now is a great time to consider new options. Look at your life in a fresh light. Listen again to the inner voice urging you to consider new paths.

Many people who think they need resume writing help really need a new perspective on their lives. Once you start thinking about new possibilities and different options, you might hear the call of a better life.

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How to Make a Resume – Say Yes to Opportunities

Job-hunters often spend a good portion of their time learning how to make a resume. I thought about that process while watching a video of an interview with actor Jim Carrey.

The interview demonstrates three principles that will help you write an effective resume that leads to a job offer.

First, display your strengths prominently in your resume.

Jim Carrey clearly knows that humor is his strong suit. He tries to be funny in nearly every sentence of the interview. He even talks about how he uses Star Wars impressions to connect with the autistic 10-year-old son of his girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy.

As you’re putting together your resume, think about your strong points. Don’t limit yourself to work tasks. Consider everything that you do well. Focus on how to make a resume that emphasizes those strengths in a manner that demonstrates how well you can do the job.

Second, say yes to opportunities.

Get your resume out there. If there is a job opening that you think you’d like, apply for it. Even if you think you might not be qualified, give it a shot. If you really want the job, that desire might offset any lack of experience or other shortcomings. You never know until you try.

You also need to be proactive about participating in activities and events that might lead to a job opportunity. Many people get hired after someone they know tells them about a job that they would have otherwise missed. If a networking opportunity comes along, say yes.

Third, don’t fear rejection.

Jim Carrey wrote a letter to The Carol Burnett Show when he was 10 years old, asking to be a regular on the show. He didn’t the job, but that didn’t discourage him.

When you’re applying for jobs, don’t worry that you might not get it. Don’t be concerned that the prospective employer might say no. Think about the possibility that he or she will say yes.

Many jobseekers fail to write effective resumes because they are too timid. They focus on what they can’t do, instead of what they can do.

Once you know how to make a resume that highlights your best points, you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream job.

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An effective resume success story

I got some great news the other day that once again shows the importance of writing effective resumes.

A young lady just entering college needed to find a job. With the economy in rough shape she was worried about her prospects. To make matters worse, she didn’t have a whole lot of experience. She needed employment, but her work background was not as extensive as some.

During an orientation visit to her school, she heard about one of the university’s departments that was going to have some some open positions. Unfortunately, found out later that there were only six openings and number of students applying would make it “extremely competitive.”

But the young lady had an advantage. She was taught how to write an effective resume. Using those skills, she crafted a document that accompanied her application for the job.

After she arrived at school, she found out that her resume had earned her an interview. After a second interview, she was hired.

Here’s the kicker: she said her interviews focused more on training than her background. It seems that her resume had already convinced those doing the hiring that she was capable of doing the job.

So now that she has a job, she won’t have to to take time out of her studies for a job search. In this case, writing an effective resume really paid off for her.

Steve DeVane

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Effective Resume Layout — Getting Noticed

If you can find an effective resume layout, the odds of your document getting noticed go up dramatically.

Here are two ways to increase the chances that your resume gets picked out of the pile.

First, use graphic elements like logos to capture the reader’s attention. Color images will stand out to someone who has been looking at black and white resumes all day.

Logos from schools you attended or places you’ve worked is an essential part of writing effective resumes.

Second, use quotes from former employers or people who are familiar with your work. You can get the quotes from your LinkedIn profile, from letters of recommendation or by simply asking for them.

You can see the difference the changes make in the video below by Kevin Donlin.

You can clearly see the importance of writing an effective resume that includes an effective resume layout.

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Resume Improvements — Finding a Job even when Unemployment is Rising

If you needed a reason to make resume improvements, Friday’s job figures should get you motivated.

As expected the government announced Sept. 3 that unemployment went up again. The good news is that the private sector added 67,000 jobs, but it wasn’t enough to keep unemployment from increasing from 9.5 percent to 9.6 percent.

So why not go ahead and make improvements that will make increase the chances that your resume will get you that all important job interview. Candidates who are writing effective resumes have the inside track on landing quality jobs. Here are three quick tips to make your resume better in a hurry.

First, find a position that fits you. Look for a job that will allow you to use your skills and your experience.

Many job hunters wrongly find an open position and try to make their abilities match the requirements. It’s much easier to start with a job that meets your qualifications.

If you can’t find such an opening, perhaps you should contact companies that have the type of position you seek. They might hire the right person even if they haven’t advertised that they’re are looking for someone.

Second, sell yourself. Don’t be bashful about your talents. If you know you can do the job, speak and act like it.

You don’t want to come off as arrogant, but employers like job candidates who are confident in their abilities.

Third, take risks. The current job market makes taking chances necessary.

Don’t fabricate your resume, but make sure it highlights all your best qualities. Call attention to all the ways you will help a prospective employer. Writing an effective resume will fit your qualifications to the job opening.

Be sure to check into every potential job opening that catches your attention. If you hear that someone is leaving a position for another job, contact the leaders at that organization immediately. They might be happy to hire a qualified candidate without the hassle of a long hiring process.

Don’t let the current economic conditions get you down. Make your resume improvements and work hard at finding work that fits your needs.

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Writing an Effective Resume — How to Break the Job Search Log Jam

Looking for a job is tough these days, but writing an effective resume is the easiest way to make sure you have the best shot at the position you want.

A job search is like a funnel. There’s a wide opening at the start that gets narrower as the hiring process goes forward. Along the way, you have to show that you deserve to make it to the next step.

Your cover letter has to make the person reading it want to read your resume.

Your resume has to make the person reading it want to give you an interview.

Your interview has to make the person interviewing you want to give you a job.

Usually, the biggest cut comes when resumes are read. If your resume can get you to the interview stage, your chances of being hired greatly increase.

Here are three suggestions for writing effective resumes that will improve those chances.

First, highlight your accomplishments. Potential employers want to know what you’ve done in previous jobs or in school. They also want to know the results of those efforts.

For example, don’t just list the duties and responsibilities from your previous positions. Instead, provide details of what you achieved and give specifics about the effects.

Second, use simple, readable language in your resume. In other words, don’t try to sound smart.

Using big words only makes your resume harder to read and increases the chances that it will end up in the shredder. Instead of saying that you utilized something, just say you used it. Instead of saying you facilitated something, say you assisted with it.

Third, select a simple, readable design for your resume. You want it to be outstanding instead of standing out for the wrong reasons.

Arrange the sections of your resume so the reader’s eye moves easily from one to the next. Use a font style that is plain and large enough to read.

If you want to get on the road to landing a job you’ll love, writing an effective resume is a great start.

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