Resume Improvements — Finding a Job even when Unemployment is Rising

If you needed a reason to make resume improvements, Friday’s job figures should get you motivated.

As expected the government announced Sept. 3 that unemployment went up again. The good news is that the private sector added 67,000 jobs, but it wasn’t enough to keep unemployment from increasing from 9.5 percent to 9.6 percent.

So why not go ahead and make improvements that will make increase the chances that your resume will get you that all important job interview. Candidates who are writing effective resumes have the inside track on landing quality jobs. Here are three quick tips to make your resume better in a hurry.

First, find a position that fits you. Look for a job that will allow you to use your skills and your experience.

Many job hunters wrongly find an open position and try to make their abilities match the requirements. It’s much easier to start with a job that meets your qualifications.

If you can’t find such an opening, perhaps you should contact companies that have the type of position you seek. They might hire the right person even if they haven’t advertised that they’re are looking for someone.

Second, sell yourself. Don’t be bashful about your talents. If you know you can do the job, speak and act like it.

You don’t want to come off as arrogant, but employers like job candidates who are confident in their abilities.

Third, take risks. The current job market makes taking chances necessary.

Don’t fabricate your resume, but make sure it highlights all your best qualities. Call attention to all the ways you will help a prospective employer. Writing an effective resume will fit your qualifications to the job opening.

Be sure to check into every potential job opening that catches your attention. If you hear that someone is leaving a position for another job, contact the leaders at that organization immediately. They might be happy to hire a qualified candidate without the hassle of a long hiring process.

Don’t let the current economic conditions get you down. Make your resume improvements and work hard at finding work that fits your needs.

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