Resume Writing Help — The Art of Listening

Wooded area near my house

The buzzing/humming was coming from these woods.

The other day I was walking my dog past a wooded area, my mind was lost in thought about the huge number of unemployed or dissatisfied people who need resume writing help.

Then I suddenly noticed a high-pitched sound coming from the forest. I stopped to listen closer. It sounded sort of like humming, but kind of like buzzing. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I finally determined that it must be a swarm of insects.

But as I was listening to the buzz-like hum – or maybe it was more like a hum-like buzz – I started to notice many, varied sounds coming from the forest.

Birds sang.

Crickets chirped.

Leaves rustled.

It was a natural symphony of sound. I had walked down that stretch of road dozens of times and never heard it. Why? I wasn’t listening.

After I stood there for several minutes, I wondered how many other beautiful sounds I miss just because I don’t take the time or effort to listen for them. Then I thought of all the other joyous opportunities I miss because I don’t look for them.

For those who are out of work or seeking a new career, now is a great time to consider new options. Look at your life in a fresh light. Listen again to the inner voice urging you to consider new paths.

Many people who think they need resume writing help really need a new perspective on their lives. Once you start thinking about new possibilities and different options, you might hear the call of a better life.

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